MRNI Research - Innovative Solutions......not just answers

Established 25 years ago, MRNI Research is now the largest independent research agency in Northern Ireland. With a fieldforce that covers the island of Ireland and a full in-house fieldwork capability, including CATI, CAPI and on line research, we are able to conduct a broad range of Quantitative and Qualitative projects.

Our continued investment in new technology ensures we have leading edge capability to help you carry out your research needs.


Combining years of research experience with the latest technology, the research solutions provided by MRNI Research are delivered using the most modern equipment and software to produce fast, accurate and high quality research results across Ireland by any one or a combination of the following methods:

  • Face to face     Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing - CAPI
  • Telephone        Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing - CATI
  • Online              Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - CAWI 
  • Qualitative       Focus Groups and Depth Interviews 


We provide access to over 200 interviewers throughout Ireland, who are fully Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) accredited. Our investment in technology allows us to merge data collected from a combination of modes if required, making fieldwork faster, more flexible and more cost effective. In addition all research is carried out according to the MRS Code of Conduct.